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Jaime G. Botero


Jaime G. Botero is a Colombian award winning film director and screenwriter with background writing and directing TV commercials, short films and music videos, both on film and digital formats. Known for his visual dynamism and experimentation, he’s always interested in the application of new technologies and breakthrough narrative. His unrelenting curiosity is always searching for new challenges and innovation that can be applied to his body of work.

Jaime graduated from the Pontifical Xaverian University on 2003 with a communications degree. He began his career in advertising directing his first ad in his early twenties, gaining notoriety for his use of visual effects. Since then he has enjoyed representation by some of the major production companies of his country working for a different range of local and international brands and agencies. His clients include: Pepsi, Coca Cola, Visa, Kellogg’s, Gatorade, Doritos, Chevrolet, among others.

Motivated by his interest in developing his narrative he’s also taken courses on directing actors at the prestigious Judith Weston Studio as well as attended screenwriting and storytelling seminars with Robert McKee.

He’s currently on the festival tour with his sci-fi/suspense short film KEPT.